Self-doubt is one of the biggest struggles for Ian and myself and we know from many of our friends and family members we are not alone, yet we are still hesitant to face our fears. Ian and I have been working on starting a business to sell natural soaps for nearly 3 years now, but have been terrified to put ourselves out there and actually launch. What will people say about us? What if we fail? What if we succeed? I know this sounds like an odd question, but I think many of us are held back by this just as much as the risk of failure.

Recently we watched the movie Cloud Atlas… a fantastic and fascinating tale, which I highly recommend as long as you can commit to watching it 2 or 3 times… and a quote struck me as if it was speaking specifically about self-doubt. When told that a character’s admirable actions were going to be meaningless, just a drop in the ocean, he wittingly replied “What is an ocean but a multitude of drops?” Think about that for a second, standing up to someone telling you your dreams won’t amount to anything and saying that maybe not alone, but with others it will.

The work we are passionate about is meaningful and most of us are more supported than we think. When we have an idea, and we pray about it, maybe even share with family and friends, and are encouraged to test the waters, but hold back because of all the doubtful questions running through our minds, is that not a slap in the face to our supporters and even the Lord, who is guiding us in this passion as we have asked him to?

Ephesians 2:10 says “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”

God has laid a path for us, He has opened doors, He wants us to struggle towards Him on this path that He has prepared for us. He has blessed us with talents and gifts that will be multiplied if we put ourselves out there and say, “Okay Lord, Thy will be done, thank you for this talent and I will use it.” Using a talent provided by the Lord does not mean the path will be easy… in fact life is meant to be a struggle… and the devil and demons will make you question yourself all the more in the hope that you will turn away from paths that will lead you closer to God. So it is important to have both a spiritual and an earthly safety net in place before leaping into the craft, business or life you have been contemplating.

While our experience is limited, we offer to be a friend to anyone considering branching out and utilizing a talent granted to them to strive towards the Lord and live a better life. Whether you need prayers or a supportive word, we would love to be there for your launch. That being said, please pray for us as Harmonious Goat has officially opened.

Prayers, Auntie Em

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