The Doula Is In

Since a young age I have loved animals and as I grew I tried to learn as much as I could. In college I learned to handle many species in my classes and in work, I managed pigs from breeding to market for nearly 4 years. From all of this I love the birthing process and have great respect for death.

Lately I have been able to put my skills to good use. From rubbing our cat’s belly between contractions or helping a tried mama goat birth her second kid whose shoulder is stuck, it is such a wonderful feeling to assist bringing life into this world.

Some people might find it funny that I talk to animals while I help them, giving them the encouragement every mother needs in the throws of labor. After all they have been giving birth on their own since the beginning of time. Well, I have two arguments on that: 1) while animals don’t have the logic or reasoning capabilities that humans do, they do recognize a soft gentle voice or a gentle touch and in most cases it stops the “fight or flight” mentality which would be very difficult in the middle of the birthing process. 2) There are some days where I think I missed my calling and I should have become a midwife or doula, so for now the animals are who I can help.

Whether people or animals, in pregnancy, birth or parenthood, life is beautiful. Enjoy it and don’t waste it!

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