Summer is rapidly approaching and that means school will be out soon, so John’s cousins will be in my care. Last summer I had many grand plans to do with the kids throughout the summer, but I couldn’t ever seem to get caught up enough to do most of them. This year has to be different, there was way too much TV and not enough of anything else. I have also been charged with trying to do projects that could be entered in the county fair, because it is really fun to take the kids to see all their projects and ribbons. So I have 10 days to be ready.

The first few weeks will be pretty easy, they get out of school on a Tuesday and that is the first day of the summer library program (I love our libraries programs). The rest of that week we will spend working on some projects for a camping trip later this summer. So things like tye-dye shirts, painting rocks and baking muffins, cookies and cupcakes will easily fill our days. The next week the big kids will go to local vacation bible school, so I just have a little time to fill in the morning, with things like reading, weeding the garden, and easy games or puzzles.

After the easy weeks though, I will have to fill whole days with fun games, crafts, and a few chores. A few of the things I have already scheduled are building wooden cars and boats, painting bird houses, follow the video drawings (Garrett has done a few of these with his class and they look great), and each of the kids will get to create their own variety of soap. The big kids also have 4-H projects that they have started at my house and we need to finish them. We need to look through the fair book for projects to enter as many classes as we can.

For the summer library program each of the kids have to spend 10 hours reading, which is great. All three kids already love books, but it’s awesome that the community puts so much into supporting childhood reading. At the end of the summer reading program, all the kids who participated in the weekly activities and did the reading gets their name put into drawings for toys/game/gadget prizes.

Even with all of this, yard games, coloring, and even 3 Pinterest boards of things to do, I am worried that the kids and I will get bored or fall into a TV trap. I know we will watch a few shows and movies and I don’t want to over stimulate the kids, but I hope we are able to build some fun memories this summer. If you have any super awesome ideas of games or activities for children ages 3-9, please send them to me and keep us in your prayers. I know these fun few months will be over before I know it, so let’s make the most of them.

What are your summer plans?

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