Growing a garden, whether flowers or vegetables, means that there will be weeds to be dealt with. Even in spaces that were bare before putting a plant that you want to grow in the ground, for some reason will invite other plants to take root as well.

By this time last year, I had given up on the garden  and stopped watering the lawn. it was too much. Between the kids and allergies and still settling in from moving I couldn’t find the time to mow and spray the lawn or find the itty bitty veggie plants in the sea of weeds. I was so disappointed in myself for giving up, but on my own I was drowning in plans and dreams and uncertainties were stressing me out.

Last weekend I noticed once again that the weeds were taking over the garden. I knew I hadn’t been putting in as much time out there as I would like and once again I was feeling overwhelmed. Even though Ian is home and helping out so much more, I had a brief moment where I thought It would be so much easier if I didn’t have to deal with all these plants! But I love the fresh produce, knowing where it came from and what has been applied to the soil. So Monday night I went out and got through three rows, in the little time I had. The plants looked great. They were big and beautiful and I know they will be productive, if I can just keep pulling weeds.

It took me four days to get through the whole thing, doing what I could in spare moments I would steal. I took a day off and went back to it, because those pesky weeds, both some that I had pulled and new ones were growing again. I know this is very basic and most of you are probably wondering why I am talking about basic gardening, but I think this principle can be applied to other important things… like our thoughts.

Our brains are amazing organs  thinking, processing, and analyzing millions of things every day as well as controlling the functions that keep us physically alive. In those millions of thoughts, though are we tending them, or are we throwing everything in random boxes up in the attic to deal with later (like when the roof comes crashing down cause the attic is overfull)? Whether it’s self perpetuated thoughts of self doubt or comments made by others, they need to be dealt with.

Sometimes I find myself just stashing my anxious thoughts or over analyzing a past conversation… like my mind is full of weeds. So while pulling the physical weeds of the garden, I can go through the “weeds” that have built up in my mind. Our thoughts can bog us down or build us up, so if we are stuck in a rut or don’t deal with negative or doubting thoughts, it won’t be possible to reach full potential.

I find that the physical activity and fresh air of actually pulling weeds helps me open my mind and go through all the thoughts I’ve just stashed away to deal with later. It’s easier to confront negativity or even an old mindset when being productive and doing something that will make you proud of your efforts when finished. Do you have any “weeds” in your thoughts or weeds in your garden? No time like the present to take care of both!

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