Vacation Time

This past week Ian, John and I went with my parents and the Kane family to Farragut State Park in Northern Idaho. 

The trip was planned months in advance around the free tickets the kids had earned over the winter, through the school reading program, but we found out  a week before the trip, that Silverwood had too many schools participate and they decided to only select two random schools of which LaCrosse was not one. But with all our plans in place and everyone else’s tickets purchased we stuck with our intentions.  

Also, a week before we all gathered, Dad’s work sent him across the country to check out a piece of equipment. So 3 days before my parents headed our way, he spent 2 days flying in and out of airports and no doubt came down with a cold shortly after they arrived. Extra cold medicine was packed and we headed up to camp. 

Farragut State Park is beautiful. The companion camp site we had booked was on a secluded corner and was perfect for 2 camp trailers and a tent. We were surrounded by trees and even when our loop was full there was a peaceful calm. There were lots of trails to walk or ride bikes on, playgrounds and swings, a swim area (which we didn’t use, but looked nice) and lots of views of Lake Pend Oreille. We spent a little bit of time at the park museum, but the kids weren’t nearly as entertained as us adults. If you are looking for a great place to camp I really recommend this park. They even have great spaces to to rent for weddings or family reunions and more activities than we were able to check out in our short time.

Our first day at Silverwood we were excited. Dad seemed to be feeling a bit better, and while Mom and John were clearly getting it, they weren’t really sick yet. That day was the warmest of the week, about 73, so still cold enough to keep a lot of crowds away. We went to the water park, a place none of us had checked out. Boulder Beach is full of fun for all ages. There were multiple areas for toddlers and smaller kids, slides of every size, shape and speed. Plenty of chairs and eating areas and I think the longest line we stood in was maybe 10 minutes. 

That evening, thunderstorms rolled in and we left the park just before the rains hit. Ian and I had many offers to sleep somewhere dryer than our tent, but we opted to stick to it and thankfully stayed warm and dry. However, when we got up we found Mom much more ill and she was not able to go to the rides side of Silverwood that day. 

We got sprinkled on a few times but again had fun riding rides several times in a row because there were very little lines. Again there was amusement for all ages. We varied doing small rides for the littles, big roller coasters and rides we all could do together. We were sad that Mom wasn’t there with us, but still had a great day riding almost every ride. 

Over too quickly it was time to come home. Last night we had one last dinner together, before each heading to our own homes, thankful that we were able to have some down time as a family and make amazing memories. Though we had a few disappointing turns, it was great to be together and support each other. Hopefully John will get over his cold soon and it will not spread any further. 

Even when things may not be perfect or go as planned, every moment is the perfect time to make a memory. 

Where are you vacationing this summer?

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