End of Summer Chaos

I would love to say  that I am perfect at time management and am always on time to everything and provide enough time for planning and execution on every thing I do, but there comes a point where I have to say I’m human. August seems to be the most common month for me to have that melt down. It is a very busy and stressful month and for some reason, I have yet to understand, my mental capacity always seems at it’s lowest through this month. So please forgive me the lack of posts, soap and bee updates and even slow e-mail responses.

Do you have a time of year where it seems like there’s just not enough time or you just can’t get it all together?

My summer was great, while Ian and I didn’t get to do the weekend camping we wanted to, we had a blast working around the house, getting some things crossed off the ol’ to-do list and tending our little garden, which has produced very well given the myriad of weeds we have battled.

The kids ( John and his cousins) had fun and we did  a lot more activities than last summer which was fun and challenging at the same time. We finished 4-H projects, science experiments, made soaps, did arts and crafts, read books, and played hundreds of games inside and out. Then is was August.

I had to start preparing the kids for school, which transitions are always difficult. Starting slowly getting them up at normal time to prepare for the day, collecting school supplies and still try and make things fun while dealing with 2 kids who aren’t keen on going back to school and one who doesn’t understand he’s still not ready to ride the school bus. I think there were more tantrum in the last 2.5 weeks of August than the rest of the year combined. Couple that with all the other adults around here are busy in harvest, getting their kids ready for school and finalizing plans for fair and I was one mentally worn out momma, with little to no outlet for anything.

Thankfully school started without too much drama and harvest started slowing down and I found the time to take a few deep breaths. I could start looking at my projects that I had just dropped as stress built and start working again. This last weekend was our fair, which is so much fun and the last event of summer for us. It takes a lot of work to get there but looking back, it was well worth it. Maybe if I work hard enough I will have a little easier time next August, when everything will be all built up and stress-filled again. Here’s to hoping anyway!

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