Where Does the Time Go?

So I know it’s not even Halloween, yet but I am already starting to deep clean our house for Christmas. We are hosting this year’s celebration, which we haven’t done since right after we were married, and I want everything to be just right. I know, I know having a perfectly clean and organized house isn’t what Christmas is about… but it certainly helps. 

Yesterday I started to tackle our office. This room not only acts as an office, but is a catch all room. If we don’t know where to put something or don’t have time to put things away they get tossed in this small room to be dealt with when the room gets overwhelmingly crowded and I decide it’s time to do something about it. I gathered up all the loose papers, old mail and pulled out the filing cabinet and started sorting months  of important papers, tossing the junk mail  and creating a pile of things that need my attention. 

At the end of this sorting spree, I came out with the pile in the picture above, these  are all the books, articles, journal ideas, business guides, preschool plans, and personal interests things I want to get done right now. In fact most of the books have at least one chapter read in them. There are just so many things I am trying to do.

I am working hard on Harmonious Goat as a business, working on business plans and trying to decide what all this business can do, which requires research in soaps and spa products, herbs and gardening as well as contemplating on what scale herbs can be grown and products can be produced and stored. 

I am trying to improve myself as a parent and do some preschool work on a regular bases, which takes planning and paper and research. Also I am trying to figure out why John can count to 12, some days 15, without help but refuses to sing the ABCs. It’s hilarious to listen to him talk about big dinosaur names and the differences between meat eaters and herbivores, but doesn’t recognize all the letters. 

Growing spiritually is very important to me, especially since we have struggled to make it to church, beyond streaming services at home. The books that I have finished this year have been in this category, but I have such a long way to go as well as working on daily reading of scripture (instead of weekly or so that I do now). 

Also in this pile is numerous recipes and articles that are health related. I am still struggling with my weight and self-view, which are things I need to work harder on, while I have made some good changes, I have a long way to go. 

This pile has only been gaining all year. While I have successfully finished some books this year that pile is significantly smaller. This leads me to believe I am having trouble finding balance. I mean I can’t read and write all the time, I have to be wife and mother, keep the house functioning and food on the table. Looking at my pile though, maybe a little more time needs to be put into this. Is it possible to not have the giant pile of “me” things and get all the rest of it done? I hope so, though it might not all get done today or even by Christmas, but hopefully progress will be made. 

Anyone else feeling sufficiently overwhelmed? Or have ideas to help me find a better balance in the 10 different directions I am pulled everyday?

For today I think I am going to go through the papers and sort them into the appropriate pile and pick the most important book in each area and focus on those. Using the little bit of time that I get each day to read or work on these things instead of TV or Facebook or the many other little distractions I have that keep me from living my life. 

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