Restarting the Startup

Deciding to start Harmonious Goat was a long and difficult decision. It started nearly 10 years ago when I was researching something (I can’t remember what any more) and I came across a bunch of articles about the chemicals in commercial soaps and how it can be made at home just as effectively. I have really sensitive skin and chemical free soap appealed to me, but it still took nearly 10 years to get here… Why?

First I had to do a lot of research reading through other people’s journey into the soap market, their niches, their success and failures. There are literally hundreds of people out there posting regularly on their soap making journey. Some of their stories are fascinating, others are scary, but most are good and reading them made me feel like I could do it too. 

As is often the problem I let my head get in the way for a long time though. I mean how can you grow a business when your not settled in a home and moving all the time. I look at it now and part of me knows waiting was the right decision and part of me says small businesses move all the time, think about how much bigger you’d be if you had started then. I made my first brick of soap 3.5 years ago, knowing that it was time to start. I didn’t know if I would like it. I didn’t know if it would work. All I knew was it was time to try. After that brick turned out I made a few others testing colors and scents. buying ingredients when I could and giving the bars away to friends and family. I knew this was something I liked and could see the benefits to others. 

The next 2 years were a blur as far a soaps were concerned. I had built up an inventory, but hadn’t really worked on the business side of it, maybe I just wanted a lifetime supply of soap on hand… not really. When the nudge came this year to really start, while excited I wasn’t ready. I wanted it, but was unsure about it. And it’s been a bumpy half a year, some weeks I work a little everyday and some months I only worked a day. 

The last two days I have spent a good portion of my time inputting all ingredients and products I have, building the recipes I use and want to use in a new business software that we just purchased to help The Goat grow. I was reminded of how much fun I have doing this and how much I really want the business to keep growing. 

So maybe it’s a bit of a kick in the pants or reboot, but I am looking at this as a way to restart my start up. It is easy to get stuck in a rut and give up but I say not today for Harmonious. Let’s sell some soap! 

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