2020 Book Challenge

The stack of books I shared with you a few weeks ago along with the 2017 book challenge I found in the stack of papers, which was printed in 2017, but not used until now inspired me. I want to read more, actually I need to read more, not only to learn and grow in various areas but to be stimulated and inspired. It’s easy to get in a routine of watching television to relax and forget your troubles, but I think reading is what inspires us to move  forward and overcome obstacles.

In my youth, I read a lot. I had a lot of books, I checked out books at the library, occasionally I would borrow books from friends or family and if my homework and chores were done, there is a good chance I would be found reading. I read the classics, popular series, non-fiction on various topics of interest, history, biographies, poetry and plays. I loved books and the knowledge I gained while reading them, whether as simple as a new word or as complex as the muscles involved in each movement of a horse’s gait. I felt accomplished.

Fast forward to college, reading novels was still fun but non fiction had to take a hike for a while because already reading 5 or more books per semester that are tough and not always of a topic that thrilled me. Though I did learn that accounting is not as much of a bore as I had expected and chemistry can always put me to sleep, no matter how rested I am. After college, I learned that moving books is hard so much of my previous library (yes I really had a mini library) had to be sold or given away. Ian and I kept a few of our favorites and the rest were gone. In a few places we got library cards and tried to keep the reading spirit alive, but honestly didn’t read a lot of the books we checked out.

This year I finally read 7 books (3 of them currently still finishing up, but on track to be done before New Years). After years of feeling lucky if I finished 1 or 2 books a year. I mean I read children books daily.  Some people find it odd when I cite One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish from memory, but for that last few years that has been the extent of my book inspiration and while I love Dr. Seuss, I also greatly appreciate more adult topics.

So I’m going to push myself this next year. I chose 20 books that I have purchased, been given, or heard about and just want to read to read in 2020 (with 3 bonus books… you know in case I find more spare time). And I invite you to join me. Push yourself to read anything and everything. I put no stipulations on what book or topics you have to read other that your goal has to be at least 5 books. You can’t start the books on your list before January 1, 2020 and you have to finish by December 31, 2020.  To help inspire you if you make it through half your list, send me a message and I will send you free Harmonious Goat products. If you make it through your whole list you will get another shipment for Harmonious Goat and an Amazon gift card. If you surpass your list you’ll get a special bonus. Please comment below or on our Facebook page if you want to be included in this challenge by January 31, 2020.

Happy Reading!

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