Aunt Margaret

Earlier this week my Aunt departed this earthly life.  She had only been really sick for a few short weeks, we knew she was in rough shape but had hoped her strength would pull her through.  So even though we knew it was a possibility is a little warning that someone may die ever enough?

Aunt Margaret was my mom’s brother’s wife and they had 2 daughters similar in ages to my sister and I. While we lived somewhat close when I was young, they moved to a different state when I was a young teen and I am sad to say especially now that she is gone that I did not know her very well.

A few things that I did know about Aunt Margaret :

  • She had moved a lot when she was young.
  • She had faith and was extremely kind.
  • She had a joyful laugh, that could make you smile even if you were across the room and didn’t know what was said.
  • She was a great mom.
  • She loved my Uncle very much.

In the Orthodox faith we say memory eternal when some one passes, praying to God that they will be remembered forever in the Kingdom of Heaven. It may not be theologically sound, but to me we also say it because our memories of people we love live on in us and can be passed down by sharing with friends and family. So as we grieve my dear Aunt Margaret, I feel that it is also an opportunity to get to know her better through my Uncle and cousins.

Is there anyone in your life that you have put off really getting to know? None of us know when our Earthly sojourn will end, don’t put off a relationship until it’s too late.

Lord, Have mercy on your servant Margaret  and my her memory be eternal. Be with all her family in this time of grief and give them strength. Amen

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