And the beat goes on

Sorry for the lack of posts, I even had a couple drafts completed that could have filled the void, but it just didn’t feel right to post. To say the last few weeks has been a roller coaster would be an understatement. I will share some details, but first I will say that whether you are on top of your game or facing a lot of challenges life continues, either way there’s no stopping or refresh buttons, so knowing that the lows can give momentum to reach mountain tops makes enduring the tough spots easier.

Ok, I left off in the aftermath of the trailer tipped over in the front yard, the house had no water, Ian’s job was up in the air and we had several tons of garbs in the front yard. We were able to get the water fixed quickly, the pipe had actually broken in two spots and even though I never felt like we were really desperate for water, I will say that I was very thankful for our first-world amenities (dishwasher and washing machine specifically) when it was all working again. Also I was grateful for the guy who did the plumbing work they used their little excavator or fill in the ditches I dug to drain water from the pipe area and the ruts from the other equipment used in flipping the container back up.

Ian did lose his job. I understand the decision, but that didn’t make it any easier. We had enjoyed Ian being home and in job hunting the prospect that he might not be home became more apparent. At first we started looking at semi local jobs (with in 100 miles… because the one local job had already been filled) but looking at pay and housing situation and the hope that Ian would be home now and then at the least, the numbers just didn’t add up. Sad and frustrated we looked at bigger trucking companies and were even more disappointed as a number of them said they wouldn’t even consider Ian. I understand that Ian has some small infractions, but should he be deemed a safety risk? He was honest about every incident and has never been in an accident with another vehicle or causing any injuries… what if every accountant was unhireable after 3-5 miscalculations or office staff couldn’t have grammatical errors or printer mistakes? I believe in looking at safety records, but I believe that honesty and willingness to learn from the past are more important. Luckily Knight Transportion, who Ian has worked for before and enjoyed, was willing to look at these other factors. They had a few extra hoops for Ian but they didn’t want to right him off completely.

Yesterday I dropped Ian off for an all day bus ride from Colfax, WA to Portland, OR to go to orientation. I am so thankful for him to be going to work again. I am also very nervous, because while we originally though Knight would put him back on the same account, now we are not so sure and he might be over the road (21 days out, 3 days home) or based somewhere across the country. In the past drivers have had say, but companies change and as this is Ian’s second return to Knight we are not sure how it will go. Lord have mercy and may we have more details soon. For now I’m slowly boxing up our home, getting rid of excess, cleaning and planning to move.

We still have the giant pile of garbanzo beans in the front. Someone came and got some of them, but made a mess in the road and spread them to the neighbors, so we have done our best to sweep them back in the pile. We have been contacting G&G to please clean them up, but no luck yet, so if any one has any ideas for a ton of loose garbs, let me know.

That’s our life in a nutshell right now. I haven’t been reading much or spend a lot of time making soap, but as things get sorted out I plan on getting back to it and blogging regularly. The last few weeks have been hard and yet I enjoyed the extra time with Ian. I’m thankful that I was still able to reconnect with family at my Aunt’s celebration of life service and that even while everything seemed to be going wrong I know God is on our side. We still have so much to be thankful for and it could be so much worse.

I’ll get back to my drafts Thursday, but for today what’s happening in your world?

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