Searching for Simplicity

I am not sure if it is the increase in my spiritual life or just the changing times but lately I have been craving simplicity. You know, to live simply and not reject the modern (how else would I write this blog and keep in touch with so many people), but to limit it’s incorporation in our life.

We sold our tv nearly a month ago and I don’t miss it. While I still allow John some shows on the tablet and even occasionally watch something on my tablet, especially when I’m crocheting, the distraction that the big tv was in our life was overwhelming. Just sitting in the living room it felt like our purpose was to watch shows, which made me not like sitting in the living room. Occasionally it was alright, but when conversations turned to what on tv or what should we watch on our multiple streaming subscriptions, it became tiresome. What about reading? What about having good deep conversations? What about prayer or sitting in silence? Since the tv has left there has been so much more of these things and it is fulfilling.

The joy that this step away from modern life has made me examine other ways I need to change. In the kitchen, I’m afraid I have become disappointingly lazy. I put very little thought into meals and often go for what is quick and easy instead of quality and good for you. Last week however I stumbled across a recipe for potato bread and having potatoes that needed used I decided to try it. While it didn’t rise as much as I hoped, likely because I was using older yeast, it was delicious and I loved the fact that I knew what was in it. Of course, it wouldn’t have lived on the counter as long as a store bought loaf, but that didn’t seem to be a problem.

First slice of homemade potato bread in a long time.

Ian and I have agreed that we need to put more thought into our food and take the time to make breads and soups and lasagna from scratch. Yes we will still buy pizza or go to restaurants sometimes, but we are more likely to appreciate our food if we know what when into it and where it comes from. While I know there will be ups and downs in this with various seasons of life, I am looking forward to it. I enjoy playing with flavors and making recipes my own, so in addition to being better for us and using our time and money wiser, I believe it will be a great creative outlet too.

I know in the relative scheme of things these changes are rather small, we still use our computers and social media and our phones play a bigger role in our lives than I care to admit, however every small step against the grain of “progress” feels good. Not in a rebellious way, but in this is a better life and a great reminder that there is nothing wrong with things done simply or not realizing its the Super Bowl or in living life your own way.

Are there any ways you have thought about stepping back from the modern expectations that fill our lives? What is holding you back?

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