Last year as I was compulsively scrolling Facebook, in the midst of lockdown, trying to avoid the 101 "what-ifs" constantly plaguing my mind I came across someone recommending this book as approaching anxiety and combating it from an orthodox perspective. Given the heighten state of things for everyone I decided to buy it and looked … Continue reading Anxiety

2020 Rock Bottom

I would like to share a little bit about my 2020 experience and although it has been bad why I'm looking forward to the future, but also want to invite you to share your negatives and positives. I will send you virtual hugs both in sympathy and in joy, because whether you are on top of the world or in the depths of despair, we all need a little love right now.


The woman I am today is a long way from the girl who was unsuspectingly groomed by a man or who lied to try and keep up a "good" persona. I have so much life experience, good bad or indifferent, I have lived and grown. I have to acknowledge where I was wrong and where it was my fault, so I can see the good and be free.