Grieving the Past, Hoping for the Future

Today I would like to talk about a very personal struggle I have had in my adulthood. While I actually find that most conversations around this topic are deep and meaningful, there is also a stigma about it and I am cautious to bring it up. Ian and I have suffered multiple miscarriages. It is hard and sad and I am not looking for pity, but am wanting to open the conversation up for those going through similar pain. 


Summer is rapidly approaching and that means school will be out soon, so John's cousins will be in my care. Last summer I had many grand plans to do with the kids throughout the summer, but I couldn't ever seem to get caught up enough to do most of them. This year has to be different, there was way too much TV and not enough of anything else.

Moving Rocks

Last spring (our first spring in this home) I completely avoided one of the flowerbeds. While it had a wild charm about it, I would look at it and be completely overwhelmed. This bed had several untamed lavender bushes, ground covers that I figured would take years to either take out or get within manageable parameters and, to top it off, was full of rocks.