This morning I listened to a podcast interviewing Filled with Less leader Molly Sanbourin and so much of what they talked about hit me on a deep level. What started for Ms. Sanbourin as a personal journey to de-clutter her home, became a movement to spruce up other avenues in her live. Working with a health coach and professional organizer she realized that they could help others who are drifting because their life, whether in the home, spiritually, mentally or medically, has become too congested to function.

Moving Rocks

Last spring (our first spring in this home) I completely avoided one of the flowerbeds. While it had a wild charm about it, I would look at it and be completely overwhelmed. This bed had several untamed lavender bushes, ground covers that I figured would take years to either take out or get within manageable parameters and, to top it off, was full of rocks.


Self-doubt is one of the biggest struggles for Ian and myself and we know from many of our friends and family members we are not alone, yet we are still hesitant to face our fears. Ian and I have been working on starting a business to sell natural soaps for nearly 3 years now, but have been terrified to put ourselves out there and actually launch.