Book 2

Today, I'm reviewing the second book I finished in my book challenge. It's called Letters to Saint Lydia by Melinda Johnson. Okay, not going to lie... I read this book in 5.5, maybe 6, hours on the same day I finished The Holy Angels and LOVED every minute of it. Yes I was then up way too late and was very tire the next morning, but I still think it was worth it.

Book 1

Twenty-one days in and I finished my first book of the year. I am so excited not just because I love reading but because my first book was great. I have so many books that I want to read I actually let John pick which one to start with. He chose The Holy Angels by Mother Alexandra, which I was very excited about since Ancient Faith announced it's publishing. 

2020 Book Challenge

So I'm going to push myself this next year. I chose 20 books that I have purchased, been given, or heard about and just want to read to read in 2020 (with 3 bonus books... you know in case I find more spare time). And I invite you to join me. Push yourself to read anything and everything. I put no stipulations on what book or topics you have to read other that your goal has to be at least 5 books. You can't start the books on your list before January 1, 2020 and you have to finish by December 31, 2020.  

Where Does the Time Go?

Yesterday I started to tackle our office. This room not only acts as an office, but is a catch all room. If we don't know where to put something or don't have time to put things away they get tossed in this small room to be dealt with when the room gets overwhelmingly crowded and I decide it's time to do something about it. I gathered up all the loose papers, old mail and pulled out the filing cabinet and started sorting months of important papers, tossing the junk mail and creating a pile of things that need my attention.

Scripture Activity

In this exercise, I discovered how incredibly fun and enlightening it can be to read just snippets of the bible. Sometimes it is all really daunting to me and I have to put the good book to the side for a while.  In just looking for one verse, I read from several books I have not made it to and in some cases read much more that just the intended verse, because I felt drawn in. It wasn't daunting, I knew I could stop at any time and I didn't have to read a whole book. It was so refreshing.