Roll on Highway…

Almost all truckers have to go over-the-road at some point in their career, whether regional or national, this is just a part of gaining experience and the nature of the job. The job descriptions lay it out nicely saying weekly home time or 14 days out 2 home and it sounds so doable, but then they are gone. Yes, cell phones, internet and video chats make it easier, but when you don't get a hug after a bad day or three, it's hard.


Safety is something that it is easy to take for granted or forget about. I mean you lock your door at night, and do quick scans at the park or grocery store for shady characters too close for comfort, but for most people forgetting to do these things doesn't register as unsafe until you see a stranger talking to your kids or your home/car is broken into or an abuser of your past is standing on your front porch shouting at you and demanding you open your door. Then fight or flight kicks in and you remember what and unsafe world this can be.